Wedens Raymond

Co-Owner/Director/Principle Editor

Wedens Raymond is an independent film director and screenwriter. Born In Colorado Springs, Wedens has always been interested in film since he was 9 years old. In 1989 Wedens was involved in a car accident when he was five and was pronounced dead at the hospital due to lose of blood and other injuries. 30 minutes later he was brought back to life and was known as the “miracle baby.” It was unknown to the doctors what caused his heart to beat again but his mother believed it was a miracle from God. Since then, Wedens has always believe that he was destined for great things. At the age of 12, Wedens made his first short film in Philadelphia. At the age of 16, Wedens made his first serious feature length film for Aids awareness week Called “Unseen” for his freshman class that won best film in the Miami Beach Senior High School film Contest. In 2005, Wedens wrote and directed a Documentary called “Stiletto.” “Stiletto” is about the untold truth about women who work in Gentleman’s Clubs. In 2006 Wedens wrote and directed a feature length film called “Always and Forever” which is about a group of best friends who lose touch with each other but find there way back to each other due to unforeseen circumstances. “Always and Forever” was nominated for best film in the lauderdale hill film contest for faith based films. In 2009, Wedens wrote and directed “Damaged Souls” which is a movie about domestic violence and child abuse. Damaged Souls won best short film in Ten Film Festivals and has been accepted into 23 film festivals around the world. In 2010, Wedens decided to produce films for Hederr Films, Dark Tale Production, Blak Sun Entertainment, and Dimewire Entertainment. In 2011, Wedens decided to go back to directing.  Three later,he wrote and directed a psychological thriller called “Confined Within” which is currently in Post Production.

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